Teaser: A Voice in the Dark

“I don’t know what I’m going to do when the light dies.”

A Voice In The Dark was the first thing posted of GONE, back near the end of July. I’ve long been a fan of Sunny Moraine’s dramatic monologues, so the prospect of a serial story narrated in the first person as a podcast immediately grabbed me.

The teaser is certainly effective in conveying what the series will be about, and in piquing interest. I do have to say that I sometimes find myself reticent to recommend it to people when I’m trying to get them hooked on the series, though, for the reason that when I first heard it, I did worry that the episodes would be 20-30 minutes of voice layered over with the same distortion/FX the teaser uses.

They aren’t. That’s reserved for the 1-2 minute interludes that happen between episodes, and it works there for the same reason it works in the teaser: small doses.

That said, if I hadn’t already had a certain amount of trust and regard for the artist, I might not have checked back later after hearing the teaser. It’s not so annoying that I want to be like, “Hey, don’t let the FX turn you off. It’s not all like that.” because that primes people to be annoyed. But I do worry that if they don’t know, they might bounce?

So mostly I link people directly to episode 1, or if we have some rapport I tell them to listen to the teaser and episode 1. I don’t think the teaser is essential to the story the way the later interludes are. But it’s interesting.

Anyway, let’s talk about the teaser…

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