GONE Episode 1: Awakening

Okay. Um. God, you know what, I don’t even fucking know where to start. Okay, I guess the beginning then. I woke up and everyone’s gone. Like, everyone. I mean, I guess I-I haven’t been everywhere in the world. I’ve been a few blocks around the house, but, um. I mean, there’s nobody here.
I don’t even fucking know why I’m doing this.

Awakening is the first proper episode of GONE, and I believe chronologically the first part of the narrative, as the teaser seems to be being relayed from some point after this.

My posts on this blog are going to be spoilery (obviously) so I’m going to put the meat of them under a Read More cut. Once you’ve listened to the episode (if that’s your thing), then… proceed past the jump.

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