About GONE

GONE is an episodic horror podcast by author Sunny Moraine, about a queer woman who finds herself alone in a rapidly darkening world gone horribly, horribly wrong. Any more detailed information about the plot would risk spoiling what’s happened so far and being rendered out-of-date by what’s to come, so I won’t tell you more about the plot here.

Like much of Moraine’s milieu, GONE drills deep into the emotional marrow of its protagonist and her situation, who spends a lot of time ruminating on what doesn’t make sense in her world, and what makes too much sense. Moraine’s voice acting is nuanced and layered, bringing a real sense of isolation, vulnerability, terror, and (occasionally) anger to the character.

GONE is supported by a Patreon. If you want to help GONE succeed but are short on spare change, you can help by spreading the word. I know from experience with my own serial fiction that just being a cheerleader is invaluable. Reviews on iTunes or Podbean, links on Twitter and Facebook, word of mouth… all help.