Okay. The first interlude. These are about a tenth the size of the episodes, and so far have been coming between them. They sort of remind me of the “totheark” videos that were uploaded as a counterpoint to the Marble Hornets series, though they’re a bit more straightforward.

They’re very much in the style of the teaser. I’ll talk more about that after the cut. I will say that I have been quite anxious to get through the first episode so I can talk about an interlude, because the interludes excite me.

Some of the interludes (including this one) have been transcribed on the website, but it’s really worth listening to the audio if you’re able. There’s a lot in the delivery.

And now the jump.

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GONE Episode 1: Awakening

Okay. Um. God, you know what, I don’t even fucking know where to start. Okay, I guess the beginning then. I woke up and everyone’s gone. Like, everyone. I mean, I guess I-I haven’t been everywhere in the world. I’ve been a few blocks around the house, but, um. I mean, there’s nobody here.
I don’t even fucking know why I’m doing this.

Awakening is the first proper episode of GONE, and I believe chronologically the first part of the narrative, as the teaser seems to be being relayed from some point after this.

My posts on this blog are going to be spoilery (obviously) so I’m going to put the meat of them under a Read More cut. Once you’ve listened to the episode (if that’s your thing), then… proceed past the jump.

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Teaser: A Voice in the Dark

“I don’t know what I’m going to do when the light dies.”

A Voice In The Dark was the first thing posted of GONE, back near the end of July. I’ve long been a fan of Sunny Moraine’s dramatic monologues, so the prospect of a serial story narrated in the first person as a podcast immediately grabbed me.

The teaser is certainly effective in conveying what the series will be about, and in piquing interest. I do have to say that I sometimes find myself reticent to recommend it to people when I’m trying to get them hooked on the series, though, for the reason that when I first heard it, I did worry that the episodes would be 20-30 minutes of voice layered over with the same distortion/FX the teaser uses.

They aren’t. That’s reserved for the 1-2 minute interludes that happen between episodes, and it works there for the same reason it works in the teaser: small doses.

That said, if I hadn’t already had a certain amount of trust and regard for the artist, I might not have checked back later after hearing the teaser. It’s not so annoying that I want to be like, “Hey, don’t let the FX turn you off. It’s not all like that.” because that primes people to be annoyed. But I do worry that if they don’t know, they might bounce?

So mostly I link people directly to episode 1, or if we have some rapport I tell them to listen to the teaser and episode 1. I don’t think the teaser is essential to the story the way the later interludes are. But it’s interesting.

Anyway, let’s talk about the teaser…

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