Okay. The first interlude. These are about a tenth the size of the episodes, and so far have been coming between them. They sort of remind me of the “totheark” videos that were uploaded as a counterpoint to the Marble Hornets series, though they’re a bit more straightforward.

They’re very much in the style of the teaser. I’ll talk more about that after the cut. I will say that I have been quite anxious to get through the first episode so I can talk about an interlude, because the interludes excite me.

Some of the interludes (including this one) have been transcribed on the website, but it’s really worth listening to the audio if you’re able. There’s a lot in the delivery.

And now the jump.

So. Here’s the thing.

The voice in the Interludes seems to be describing the same life as the voice in the episodes alludes to, suggesting that they are the same person, but it’s coming from a different point of view. Maybe temporally. Maybe emotionally.

Maybe it’s in the future. Maybe it’s at a different emotional point. Maybe the distinction is something else entirely. Maybe it’s something that can’t quite be put into words, at least not in a straightforward science fiction trope like “you from the future” or “the good half and the evil half”.

But regardless, my response is a listener is: this is the same person, but these are different characters.

So as a recapper/reviewer, I’m going to be referring to them as the Narrator (for the episodes) and the Interlocutor (for the interludes).

The Interlocutor sounds tired, more tired than the Narrator at her moments of exhaustion. She doesn’t sound scared; she sounds (as she alluded to in the teaser) empty, at least of fear.

She sounds bitter, too.

This interlude is titled The Fall. There’s a potential double-meaning there, as the Interlocutor is describing both how she fell for the person she’s addressing (possibly in absentia or retrospect) and a fall in an airplane that took a short drop after hitting turbulence. Even in just the latter meaning there’s another layer of meaning, as it was a fall from the pedestal for the Interlocutor’s seemingly unflappable lover.

The Interlocutor admits that she liked seeing her partner weak, enjoyed having that moment where she was not the only one who was afraid, not the most afraid.

I have my secrets, this is one of them.

It’s that I liked how scared you were. I liked seeing that. The evidence that it could happen, right in front of me. That little fall stripped you as naked as you ever were with me.

You needed me, for a change. I was the solid one.

They never spoke of it again, apparently, never processed it as a couple. The Interlocutor says she didn’t need to lord it over her, but the last couple of lines kind of hammer home emotional undertones of the interlude.

But it was good to see you weak.

See you like you must see me.

I don’t know what it all means. And maybe I never will. But there’s certainly a lot going on here. Again, I’m recapping the parts of this series that at this point I’ve already listened to, so it’s hard to say much without incorporating things from future interludes (and episodes).

I will say that the interludes more so than the episodes hammer home the question of who left whom?

And why?